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WANPU was founded in 2010. Specializing in the production of industrial control instrumentation systems,as well as providing solutions to ensure the safety and reliability of cranes.

WANPU has strong R&D capabilities,has10 years of experience in the crane security,and can provide various cranes safety systems with different needs. The R&D team leads cutting-edge technology in the crane industry.

WANPU fulfill the clients’ demand with continuous innovation,reliable quality and excellent service.

By providing with stable, accurate, durable products, helping customers to get their best profits. We are standing on the field of the world, looking forward to your cooperation.


Contact: LU

Phone: 15926995665/18972582893

Tel: 0717-6746086


Add: No.33 Dalian Rd,Yichang, Free Trade Zone(Hubei) China

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