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My company TLX800C type gantry crane safety monitoring system of power of the Yangtze river bridge

We have learned, hubei Yangtze river bridge focused on high grade highway construction, road construction, bridge and tunnel engineering, airport, highway maintenance, road machinery research and development, road and bridge construction curing new materials research and development, equipment leasing business; More than 150 projects have been completed, and the main business revenue is 12.5 billion yuan, and the first and second stage of the expressway is more than 1,500km. Successively participated in the 3rd wuhan Yangtze river bridge, shanghai-chengdu, Shanghai and chongqing, beijing-zhuhai, silver wu, deep, chow tai o, turn over the dam, HangRui, appropriate, appropriate, and Inner Mongolia, teeth, rong wu road &bridge engineering construction such as national key and the construction of hubei road, xiangyang automobile, jiangnan, ten rooms, GuZhu key bridge projects in areas such as construction, repeatedly won the national quality award.


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