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The safety monitoring and management system of the metallurgical bridge machine

  • Product description: Crane safety monitoring management system should be able to fully monitor the safety of hoisting machinery, working status, has the crane real-time video surveillance, security and condition monitorin

Digital high definition video monitoring system, including hook, crane to walk, car engine room, electrical room, cab and other work areas for real-time video monitoring, all video data storage time not less than 3 months.

Safety and condition monitoring system: including security monitoring and electric control two functions, safety monitoring must be in conformity with "GBT28264-2012 crane safety monitoring management system" the all stipulated in the standard composition, performance and the related test


Local monitoring host: imported industrial computer as a local monitoring host, configure the network cabinets, network cabinets in the field use is designed.the unit, used for the personnel on duty of monitoring equipment running status.

Network transmission equipment: monitoring data (including voice, video, and security state) will be monitored through network transmission devices

The data is transferred from the crane machine to the on-site use unit, and then transferred the data to the remote monitoring platform through the ADSL network in the duty room. Remote monitoring platform: the terminal is placed at the energy dispatch control center where authorized managers can cross each other at any location

The Internet is used in real-time accessing devices, such as computers, mobile phones, or pads, to monitor and manage the equipment, and to maintain and maintain remote equipment.

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