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  • Model:TLX58C
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  • Product description: Mobile Crane Load Moment Indicator

Mobile Crane Load Moment Indicator-TLX58C

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1. Features

■Load charts can be programmed into the display.
■Use automatic compensation method for the force sensor.
■The display has a built-in processor, reducing the number of components to be installed in the crane cab.
■Can expand to the "black box" function, according to the users’ needs can   storage alarm record for a long time.
■The main interface using graphic display, sound and light alarm, automatic control.
■sensor for monitoring boom length and radius.
■Instantaneous boom length, height, radius and angular value.
■Instant load vs. limit load comparison.
■Special calibration by means of load diagram.
■Audible and visual warning.
■Anti-2-Block warning on screen.
■Adopted 7 inches LCD display.

2. Performance parameter

■ working voltage: DC24V
■ working temperature: -20 degrees to +70
■ storage temperature: -30 degrees Celsius to +80
■ system error: less than 5%, display error: less than 5%, the control error: less than 5%
■relay contact capacity: 5A AC24V
■communication interface: RS232, RS485 and Can bus
■ protection class: IP67 (other protection level to be customized);
■the maximum lifting torque: GR = 300000kN.m

3.Packing and Shipping

Wooden case or carton, shipping method as customer's request or our suggestion.

4.Installtion and Service

We can provide echnical guidance by email or phone for free;
We can also send our technician for local consultancy and training with service charge negotiable.


Guarantee period is 12 months which is from the installation acceptance delivery date on. But except non-normal use, excessive supply voltage, and other external reasons.

How to choose products

Load Moment Indicator – LMI

For hydraulic cranes, the LMI reads its load value using a pair of pressure transducers, which read the cylinder pressures of the lift cylinders

Rated Capacity Indicator – RCI

On a Rated Capacity Indicator, the load weight value is calculated by reading the strain on the wire rope. This is done by using a load pin in a sheave, a running line tensiometer (linerider) or a dead-end load cell installed at the becket end. A digital load chart is also available to show load capacity.

Load Indicator – LI

This is the simplest form of load monitoring. Here, a strain gauge device is used to read the wire rope tension producing a load value. The load sensing device can be installed in line to the crane rigging or can be placed under hook.

What is crane load?

Each crane has a load chart that, in short, specifies the crane’s capabilities — detailing its features and how its lift capacity varies when considering distance and angle. … Before a crane is rented, transported, employed or purchased, the crane chart must be consulted.

What is a load moment indicator?

Load Moment (or Rated Capacity) Indicator means a system which aids the equipment operator by sensing (directly or indirectly) the overturning moment on the equipment, i.e., load multiplied by radius.

How does a load moment indicator work?

Using different sensing devices, the Load Moment Indicator monitors various crane functions and provides the operator with a continuous reading of the crane’s capacity. The readings continuously change as the crane moves through the motions needed to make the lift.


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